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5.56 break up smaller than a grain of sand on impact.

Sand granules should be no bigger than 4mm and most are a lot smaller.


On 25m ranges 5.56 shatters on impact, but most fragments are bigger than 4mm. It creates an extremely hard area just under the surface of the main points of impact which it why the render on back wall gets a lot of attrition. Above 100m most rounds tend to stay whole unless the directly impact on another spent round in the sand.


Shattered and whole 5.56, along with most other rounds used are easily removed from the sand by our specialized sieves.



Granulated rubber bullet catchers need no maintenance

Granulated rubber needs deleading just like sand. See JSP 403 Volume 2, Chapter 2, 02120 c - it needs deleading before 20,000 per lane to stop it being broken down. Much sooner for very accurate fire.


Need more sand after delead

If the range is up to profile, which it should be, taking the bullets out will not reduce the volume of sand in the range and necessitate a top up. The bullets are added to the sand, compressing the area they hit. Once they are removed and the sand loosened through sieving it will bulk back up to its original level. Sand obviously does blow away or is taken for sand bags etc, which will require replacing.


We can delead your range tomorrow

We tend to book six to ten weeks in advance through out the year, but in particularly popular periods such as late July, August and most of September slots are booked over a year in advance.

Sometimes we can slot in small jobs at short notice, but fortunately this is rare.


You need a sand change every time you delead

A sand change is only needed if the sand has broken down so much it will no longer hold the profile.