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Walking excavator

The only one of its size in the county. Specially made for awkward access. It can safely work up to 45 degree slope and can move each leg independently so can stand astride target mechanisms etc without causing damage. Most barrack ranges were never designed with maintenance in mind, but this specialist machine can cope with ease. Whether climbing inside a new style 6 lane 25m or standing astride the mechanism on a 1908 design it copes with all the awkward designs in its stride.


This carries a purpose built rotary sieve to sieve the sand in the range using a double dig configuration. First a trench is dug at one end then the next segment is sieved into the trench and so on until all the sand has been sieved to the correct depth. Then the sand is graded back to the correct profile as delineated by the profile lines.



Wheeled excavator

Ideally suited to complexes with more than one range and tarmac roads.




Variety of sieves

 To fit machines from the small walking excavator up to 20 tonne plus, so the optimum sieve for the range can be used.