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Over 30 Years Deleading Small Arms Ranges

Sheerspire Limited have specialised in deleading small arms ranges since incorporation in 1979. We are the oldest and most experienced deleading company in the UK.


Leading edge specialised equipment

We have the best equipment available and are regularly investing in new equipment to improve the service offered.


Professional and Safe

Sheerspire is a Safe Contractor approved company and put a lot of time and effort in to Health and Safety.


Across the UK

We carry out deleading of ranges from one lane up to one hundred and eight lanes and complexes with many large ranges. We are based near Southampton, but travel the length of the UK, from Ramsdale on Orkney, to Predannack on the Lizard in Cornwall. We also deep clean indoor ranges



Sand or Granulated Rubber

As well as deleading sand bullet catchers we carry out sand changes and conversions to granulated rubber backstops and deleading of the granulated rubber.